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Crostino Toscano

Crostini di fegatini means toasted bread with livers. Crostini are a very common starter: quite every nice Tuscan Restaurant will offer you a plate of crostini. Crostini can be dressed with lots of different food but the tuscan original recipe is with livers.

Ingredients: chicken livers, pickled capers, half a cup of stock, half a glass of Vinsanto, one red onion, 2 or 3 achovies in oil, olive oil.

Wash the bile away from the livers and then dry them well.
In a pan, fry lightly some oil with the onion finely chopped. As the onion browns, add the livers and let them blanch; add the visanto and let it cook for twenty minutes. Add some water once in a while.
When the cooking is finished you can mince the livers very finely or more roughly, dependending on what you prefer.
Don't strain them but add the oil and the sauce of the cooking.
Add minced capers with the achovies.
Serve the sauce on toasted tuscan bread and wet it with a little stock.


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