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Church of Santa Croce in Fossabanda

Church of Santa Croce in Fossabanda

The charming Church of Santa Croce in Fossabanda was already in existence in the 13th century, but was rebuilt in its present form in 1325.

The name Fossabanda is referable to the presence of ditches in the area (''fosso'' being the Italian for ''ditch''). The adjoining monastery was initially inhabited by Dominican nuns. When these abandoned it on account of the frequent wars, it passed to the Friars Minor, who still occupy it.

The monastery consists of a large square cloister with arches at ground level and white columns supporting the roof on the first floor. The low red-brick façade of the church is characterized by a 15th-century portico with slender white marble columns and semicircular arches. The interior features an aisleless nave with two side chapels. It preserves paintings dating from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Where: Piazza Santa Croce - Pisa

Ph: 050-503522

Web: www.pisaturismo.it

Piazza Santa Croce , 56124 Pisa (PI)
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