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Modern Art Gallery

Modern Art Gallery

The Modern Art Gallery, situated in Pitti Palace, was opened in 1924 in order to display modern and contemporary works coming from the main Florentine State and Municipal collections.

The present arrangement shows artworks from the time of the Grand Duke Pietro Lepoldo of Lorraine (2nd half of 18th C.) up to 1920s.
The visit starts with both neoclassical and romantic works (by Pietro Benvenuti, Giuseppe Bezzuoli, Francesco Hayez), as well as important sculptures by Antonio Canova, Pietro Tenerani, Giovanni Duprè and many works based on historical subjects painted in the first half of 19th C. The core of the museum is a collection of paintings by a group of Tuscan artists, called "the Macchiaioli", who in the middle of 19th C. started to deeply renew European painting, at the same time as the French Impressionists. Other outstanding artists on display: Camille Pissarro, Elisabeth Chaplin and, from Italy, Giovanni Boldini, Gaetano Previati, Medardo Rosso, Galileo Chini.

Pietro Tenerani, Abandoned Psyche, 1816-17
Antonio Canova, Calliope, 1812
Francesco Hayez, The two Foscari, 1852
Giuseppe Abbati, Cloister, 1860
Vincenzo Cabianca, The Florentine storytellers
Giovanni Boldini, Portrait of Alaide Banti, 1885
Federico Zandomeneghi, In Bed (Sleeping Maiden), 1878
Camille Pissarro, Landscape (The storm’s approach)
Camille Pissarro, La tosatura della siepe (Trimming the hedge)
Silvestro Lega, A walk in the garden
Silvestro Lega, Il canto dello stornello (The starling’s song)
Giovanni Fattori, The Italian camp after the battle of Magenta, 1859-62
Giovanni Fattori, La rotonda Palmieri (The Palmieri Rotunda), 1866
Giovanni Fattori, Lo staffato (The stirrup)
Giovanni Fattori, La libecciata (The Southwesterly Gale)
Antonio Ciseri, Ecce Homo, 1891
Stefano Ussi, The expulsion of the Duke of Athens, 1860
Telemaco Signorini, Leith, 1881

From Tuesday to Sunday
Hours: 8.15 - 18.50

Closed on:
Monday, 1 May,1 January, 25 December

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Piazza de' Pitti 1, 50125 Florence (FI)
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