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Church of SS. Apostoli

Chiesa SS. Apostoli

The Church of Santissimi Apostoli is located in Piazza del Limbo, so called because it hosted the cemetery where unbaptized children were buried.

The façade of the church is one of the most elegant examples of Romanesque in Florence, though the door is from the 1400s, and may have been done by Benedetto da Rovezzano.

According to a Latin inscription to the left of the door, the church was founded by Charlemaign and consecrated by Archbishop Turpino, with Rolando and Oliviero as witnesses. The interior has been returned to its original state, as a basilica, though the 14th and 15th century side chapels were preserved.

The church is divided into three aisles by columns carved from blocks of green marble from Prato; the capitals of the first two columns of the nave are from the Roman baths (the rest are copies).

The ceiling still has the painted 12th to 14th century decorations.

The church is open for afternoon mass, beginning at about 5, and is well worth coming back to: the first impression upon entering is one of tranquility, and one can understand why the church is said to have served as Brunelleschi's source of inspiration when he designed his masterpieces, San Lorenzo and Santo Spirito.

Where: Piazza del Limbo 1 - Firenze

Opening hours: 10:00-12:00/15:30-19:00

Free entrance

Ph: 055-290642

Web site:

Piazza del Limbo 1, 50123 Florence (FI)
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