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Villa Fabbricotti

Villa Fabbricotti

Villa Fabbricotti changed the property various times down the centuries until it was bought by Bernardo Fabbricotti in 1881 from Tommaso Lloyd.

The new owner had the property enlarged and remodelled by the architect Vincenzo Micheli, who also redesigned the park.

Verdant avenues lined the lushly planted lawns. A whole range of different trees grow in the park, including pines, holm-oaks, lime trees, plane trees, palms, magnolias, eucalyptus, cedars, ficus and cypresses.

A grand manège and a theatre were built in the park, alongside a skating rink for the family's amusement. The park was also adorned with statues and busts in honour of various personages, and to recall the most significant moments in the property's history. The most notable of these are the busts of the Medici grand-dukes, and scientists and poets of the day.

In 1936 the Fabbricotti were forced to sell the property to the City of Livorno; the estate then comprised the villa, two farmhouses and their outbuildings and the huge, 27-hectare park. During the war the property suffered considerable damage when it was used as the headquarters of the German command and then taken over by American forces.

Ph: +39 0586 446608

Opening hours:
nov-jan 8.00-17.00
feb 8.00-17,30
mar 8.00-18,30
1-15 april 8.00-19.00
16 april-15 sept 8.00-20.00
16 sept-15 oct 8.00-19.00
16 oct-31oct 8.00-18.00

Free entrance

Viale della libertà 30, 57127 Livorno (LI)
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