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Palazzo delle Logge

Palazzo delle Logge-ph: www.arezzo.netPalazzo delle Logge was designed by Giorgio Vasari in 1573, and it drastically modified the urbanistic structure of the square, which had already been altered by the collapse of the Palazzo del Comune and the Palazzo del Popolo: its realization required the reduction in size of the old platea communis and the occupation of a whole side with an uninterrupted wall.

The result, however, was harmonious, thanks to the simplicity of the architecture and the luminosity of the long portico, under which are situated the entrances of the old shop with their characteristic spallette (little parapets). At the centre of the portico, a short staircase leads up to the piazza del Praticino above; at the west end there is the entrance to the courtroom of the Court of Assizez, which was made out of a sixteenth century theatre half way through the 19th century.

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