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Roman Amphitheatre

The Roman Amphitheatre in Arezzo is  situated in the southern part of the ''walled city'' and can be reached from Via Margaritone and Via F.Crispi.

It was built between the end of the 1st century and the beginning of the 2nd century A.D. with blocks of sandstone, bricks and marble; it is elliptic in shape and has two sets of stairs. Its longest axis measures 121 m and probably it could contain eight thousand people.

It has been repeatedly sacked in the past centuries and its most precious materials have been taken away and used as building material in religious works. It has also been partly buried, but the stalls and part of the ambulatories are still visible. The 16th century Monastery of S.Bernardo and now the site of the Archaeological Museum were built on the remains of the southern semi-circle.  

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