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Abbey of San Zeno

Abbey of San Zeno - Photo: www.pisaturismo.it

The abbey was reopened in October 2000 after a protracted restoration.
The medieval building is the venue for concerts and contemporary art exhibitions.

The church is located near the Piazza Santa Caterina.
The Abbey of San Zeno is characterized by a superimposition of architectural styles and trends which is particularly evident in the façade. It has very ancient origins and is located in an area that in former times was called ''alle grotte'' (the caves) on account of the multitude of Roman ruins of the ancient Pisae it contained.
Originally a Benedictine abbey, it subsequently passed to the Camaldolese Order. It was radically altered in the early 15th century. The façade features a portico decorated with geometric motifs in the Romanesque style. Behind the church is the old Porta San Zeno. In the 13th century this gate was also known as Porta Monetaria on account of its proximity to Pisa''s medieval mint. However, the actual Porta Monetaria is the walled up gate that can be seen from the outside, a short distance south of present-day Porta San Zeno.

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Tel: +39 050 553606/910393

Source: www.pisaturismo.it

Via San Zeno, 56127 Pisa (PI)
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