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Bagni di Lucca

Address: Via Bagni Caldi - 55022 Bagni di Lucca (LUCCA)
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Bagni di Lucca - Lucca

The origins of the spa town of Bagni di Lucca go back for centuries. This spa town is one of the oldest in Europe: the properties of its waters were recognised as far back as Roman times. Bagni di Lucca became one of the most famous spa towns in Europe and during the 19 th century, already a popular destination during the Renaissance, experienced a boom as both a healing centre and as a holiday resort. Bagni di Lucca has been visited by famous people as Dumas, Byron, Shelley, Puccini, Mascagni, Pascoli, Carducci, Alfieri, Montale

The thermal establishments of Bagni di Lucca comprise 25 springs of natural sulphate - bicarbonate - calcium waters which reach a temperature of 54.1°C/130°F and 36.5°C/98°F , in varying degrees of concentration, warmth and radioactivity.

Springs with hot water are:
• Spring Doccione al Bagno Caldo
• Spring Maritata alle Docce Basse
• Spring Ospedale Demidoff
• Spring Bagno alla Villa
• Spring Bernabò
• Spring San Giovanni
• Spring alla Cova

The thermal waters of Bagni di Lucca are used for therapeutic cures because the waters are made up of calcium - sulphate and orginate from seep-age underground.
In base of thermodynamic calculations the waters filter underground to a depth of 2-3 km reaching a temperture of 70/75°c - 159/165°F. The waters surface rapidly between the stones. This passage involves many minerals made up from the rocky surface. The dissolution of rock salt in the saturated conditions with carbon dioxide, lime, kaolin and dolomite explains why there is a high level of sodium/chloride and a low level of calium/sulphate which characterize the waters of Bagni di Lucca. Relevant studies from the isotope shows that sulphur of sulphate is present in the waters and that it comes from sulphate minerals present in the rocks.

These waters are used for: bathe, showers, drink and irrigation.



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